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Boris Chimp 504

Boris Chimp 504 started in 2010 as an audiovisual live performance by Miguel Neto and Rodrigo Carvalho. The project’s name was taken from the speculative fiction article “Details of the Soviet Primate Lunar Landing Program” by Dwayne Allen Day in 1969, where a chimp cosmonaut was sent on a mission to the moon and never returned. The live performances take this fringe event as a starting point for its narrative and sound & visual aesthetics.

Boris Chimp 504 have been presenting both av performance & interactive in stallations on festivals such as Sonar (Barcelona), Mira (Barcelona), Mutek (Barcelona, Santiago de Chile), LPM (Rome), Paris & Milan Fashion Weeks, ADAF (Athens), BAM (Liège), B-Seite (Mannheim), NOS Primavera Sound (Porto), ECHO (Dubai), among many others.

www.borischimp504.com | instagram.com/borischimp504 | facebook.com/borischimp504 |